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New variety of nylon plastic

nylon 1212 resin is a new variety of nylon plastic, belonging to the long-chain nylon series, and it is also the first industrial production in the world. Nylon 1212 has low density, low water absorption, good dimensional stability under wet conditions, and excellent flexibility at low temperatures. Oil resistant, alkali resistant and non-toxic. Good thermal stability. The processing temperature range is wide, and various molding methods such as injection molding, extrusion, salivation and spraying can be used. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly replace and check and process into different types of products, including various pipes, machinery, electronics, medical and general use of excellent alloy structural steel and automotive parts, cable sheath, wear-resistant coating and fiber products. Due to its good barrier performance, it can also be used as packaging materials for medicine and frozen food. It is mainly used for oil pipe, hose, wire and cable coating, optical fiber protective sleeve, bearing support, gear precision parts, electronic machine parts, pesticide storage tank, dilute acid container, alkali and oil storage tank, steam 4, jg/158 ⑵ 004 rubber powder polystyrene particle external wall external insulation system car brake hose, clutch hose

nylon 1212 powder is a powder coating made of granular nylon resin treated by special process This product has high wear resistance and self lubrication, good leveling performance and strong adhesion with metal The formed nylon coating can be machined in various ways The local wear of high melting point nylon coating can be repaired with low melting point nylon powder This product can be used alone or as a toughening agent for other powder coatings (epoxy, phenolic, etc.)

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