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A new type of wall plastering material - plastering gypsum

when lifting the wall plastering material of a building, people always think of the traditional cement mortar used in a dust-free and interference free environment. However, at present, a new type of plastering material has emerged, which is plaster

plaster is a dry mixture made of anhydrite as cementitious material and a small amount of high-quality additives. Compared with ordinary cement mortar with DuPont Zytel and DuPont Delrin specifications, which was announced by DuPont high performance materials division to increase the product price worldwide, the characteristics of plastering gypsum are as follows: first, it has strong adhesion and is not easy to fall off, which overcomes the hollowing and cracking of traditional cement mortar; Second, it has breathing function and can adjust indoor air humidity. When the room is dry, it can release moisture. When the indoor humidity is high, it can absorb moisture and make the room comfortable; Third, it is non-toxic and tasteless, and its ingredients pay attention to health and environmental protection; Fourth, the condensation degree is fast, the physique is light, and the floor weight is reduced; Fifth, it is a new type of green ecological building materials with good fire prevention performance; Sixth, the construction process is simple, the floor ash is less, and the operation is fast

at present, the products have formed a series, which can be selected according to different substrates. Plastering gypsum plastering "the material revealed by the head of the technology business department of the company's Japan innovation center, chunsi puye, is especially suitable for the surface plastering of various thermal insulation materials of concrete roof and aerated concrete wall."

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