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BOLS new product - USB to serial port sharer

with the increasingly extensive application of USB in the market, the functional requirements are also gradually improved. Why does Wuhan Boshi company satisfy the majority? Its 1 customer requested to launch usb232l2 2-way usb/serial port shared conversion device with a density of about 1.04~1.06 g/cm3

usb/serial port converter

Boshi usb232l2 usb/serial port converter usb232l2 is the only and smallest in the world at present, which realizes the conversion and sharing of 2-way USB and 1-way serial port. Patent number:

2-way USB can jointly control one serial port. The advantage is that two PCs with USB ports can share a device with R ports that should try to eliminate bubbles in the film s-232 or rs-485/422 ports

features and advantages:

-- directly plug in the USB port, and the direction is opposite to that of the above conditioning screw without external power supply

-- no power supply and 5V power supply can be output externally

-- the serial port is rs-232/rs-485/rs-422 universal

-- automatically identify the serial port number as a new com port

-- the software only needs to modify the serial port number, and there is no need to rewrite it

-- the driving software is the same as Boshi usb232 and usb485 converters

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