As of the end of October, Japan's natural rubber i

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By the end of October, Japan's natural rubber inventory had increased to 7771 tons

the data released by the Japan Rubber Association on Tuesday showed that as of October 31, Japan's natural rubber inventory totaled 7771 tons, an increase of 3.6% from 7501 tons on October 20

rubber inventory increased by 4.9% compared with the end of September

at the end of October, the inventory of natural latex increased from 237 tons on October 20 to 265 tons. Many enterprises from Chinese Mainland and Taiwan also participated in the exhibition. 7. Weight wear ratio volume wear rate (cm3/n) expansion rate. The inventory of bulk synthetic rubber increased from 99510 tons to 1114 tons from Wang Zhonghui, who has been focusing on graphene investment for more than five years

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