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Rockwell Automation industrial control system new upgrade

recently, Rockwell Automation launched a new a breathing bag to control the air flow to patients under anesthesia during the operation process. The len-bradleyflex5000i/o platform can be used to create a more intelligent, efficient and flexible industrial control system. The platform improves the connection speed and bandwidth, and can feed more data back to the controller. Recently, Rockwell Automation launched a new Allen Bradley flex 5000 i/o platform, which can be used to create a more intelligent, efficient and flexible industrial control system

the platform improves the connection speed and bandwidth, and can feed back more data to the controller. So as to help Internet enterprises build future oriented control systems. The platform is based on Gigabit architecture and supports device level ring (DLR), linear and star topologies. The future version will support parallel redundancy protocol (PRP) for large load and small redundant network topology

OEMs and process operators can also increase productivity with the new flex 5000 i/o module. Among them, the simplified wiring and design can shorten the engineering design time. Its structure is flexible, with vertical and horizontal installation methods and optional copper media and optical fiber media, which is simple and convenient to install. At the same time, the hardware requirements during installation are also significantly reduced, because these modules can adapt to various extreme environments, whether in extremely cold oil fields or in extremely hot mining areas, they can work normally (the working temperature range is -40 C to 70 C)

during production, these modules can also reduce costly unplanned downtime, especially in continuous process control application projects. With the function of hot plug (riup) and replacement, technicians can replace the old i/o and configure the new i/o under the condition of uninterrupted operation of the system. In addition, due to the flexible configuration of channel level alarms, events and diagnostics, the maintenance efficiency is higher

"this time, we are one step closer to the success of the previous flex i/o platform. For long-term users, flexibility and reliability are still its main advantages," said Rosh chatoth sreedharan, product manager of Rockwell Automation. "The flex 5000 i/o platform uses Logix 5000 Series technology to support the selection of appropriate i/o according to specific application needs. In addition, it also has intelligent control functions, which can realize rapid response to processes in interconnected enterprises."

in the future, Rockwell Automation will continue to release a new version of the flex 5000 i/o platform, adding a variety of safety modules. At that time, users can use the safety module certified by T V for safety level up to SIL 3 and PLE cat 4, so as to meet their own specific security needs

flex 5000 i/o series can provide sufficient security and help enterprises protect assets and brands. The platform helps to realize the security integration of industrial systems and enterprise systems, and enables enterprises to use open and standard it friendly Ethernet without worry. This is due to its deployment of a defense in depth security strategy that includes firmware encryption, "birth certificate" and secure boot functions

(original title: Flex 5000 i/o module helps Internet enterprises improve production. In the past three years, the demand growth of carton board industry has generally maintained at about 2-3% force and flexibility)

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