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Magtoto hardware tools, carefully make a high-quality magnetic gauge base

the magnetic gauge base is the support of dial indicator or dial indicator, which is widely used in all kinds of machine tools, and is one of the essential detection and measurement tools. In the process of measurement and detection, the quality of the magnetic meter base has a great impact on the measurement accuracy. It may be that the working surface of the magnetic meter base has taken off a piece of paint, and the measurement accuracy has shifted by a few millimeters, affecting the manufacturing process. Therefore, great attention should be paid to the manufacturing of the magnetic meter base. Magtoto, a well-known hardware tool brand in China, knows this well, so when producing magnetic watch bases, we should pay attention to every detail and pursue the quality of magnetic watch bases

people who know about the magnetic watch base must know that the working surface of the magnetic watch base cannot have defects, and the non working surface cannot have problems such as paint falling off, otherwise the measurement process and accuracy will be affected. Magtoto hardware tools strive for perfection in technology and use the plastic spraying process to make the bottom of the magnetic watch base smooth and free of defects, so as to improve the suction of the joint surface and make the 60kg suction play the effect of 70kg. At the same time, the strong adhesion of the plastic spraying process also makes the magnetic meter base not fall off paint, which improves the quality of the magnetic meter base and makes the measurement work more 6: the measurement accuracy is carried out smoothly, which will cause serious shortcomings of the plating layer on the upper edge of the part, and the measurement is faster and more effective

at the same time, in order to make the measurement more accurate and convenient, magtoto hardware tools have added a fine-tuning knob. Through the knob, you can fine tune the direction and positioning at will to make the measurement more accurate. In terms of structure, magtoto hardware tools do not spare any details. The use of a two-stage structure allows the magnetic watch base to be adjusted in multiple directions and angles, making it more convenient to use. In addition, the 45 ° chamfer design of the inner hole makes the installation and use of the dial gauge more reasonable, extends the service life of the dial gauge, and makes the measurement work more lasting

it is understood that the magnetic gauge base introduced by magtoto hardware tools can be used not only to clamp dial indicators and dial indicators, but also to clamp the grinding wheel dresser with a Rotating Zigzag rod. It can be used for many purposes. To use Czarnecki said: "The new honeycomb core and organic plywood materials will have various advantages in reducing weight, reducing cost, improving performance and improving design flexibility. When the grinding wheel dresser trims the size, shape, geometric angle, etc. of the grinding wheel of the grinder, magtoto hardware tool magnetic table base can play a role to make the finishing work more smoothly.

measurement is a meticulous work, so is the production and manufacturing of magnetic table base, Magt OTO hardware tools are careful everywhere to improve the quality of the magnetic meter base from many aspects and angles, so as to improve the accuracy and accuracy of measurement and make the measurement faster. I believe that such a brand will go further and further, and magtoto hardware tools will also bring its magnetic watch base, which will bring convenience to people on all occasions

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