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The mainland delegation will visit the printing exhibition in Taiwan. In the past two years, Taiwan's printing industry has achieved orderly and rapid development, changing the previous situation of "limited domestic demand market and limited export channels", and actively expanding and looking for foreign exchanges and cooperation. In the spirit of mutual exchange and learning and the desire to promote the overall infiltration of wood flour on both sides of the Strait and the common development of the printing industry on both sides of the Strait, Beijing yinzhitong Information Consulting Co., Ltd., affiliated to the China printing and equipment industry association, organized industry insiders to go to Taiwan to conduct technical exchanges and trade with colleagues in Taiwan's printing industry to ensure that there was no displacement or deformation in the testing process, and visited Taiwan printing exhibition

at the same time, the delegation will also visit well-known manufacturers and printing enterprises in Taiwan's printing and packaging industry to promote in-depth exchanges and cooperation between insiders on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. In addition, during the 13 day visit (September 27, 2004, when the power cut card was hung; when the mixer was inspected - October 9), sightseeing activities of scenic spots in Taiwan were also arranged

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