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On December 3, a brief comment on the price of nylon silk in Shengze Jiaxing City

in recent days, the downstream demand for 70d/24f nylon 6fdy, the mainstream product in Shengze market, has soared, and the market has seen a good situation of supply exceeding demand. You Yufei, director of plastic additives of banbic additives (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., said in an interview that the light nylon monofilament has also remained stable in recent days compared with last week, of which the downstream demand for 30d/1f semi light monofilament is still relatively large; The market transactions of nylon semi gloss multifilament and bright nylon profiled yarn are relatively few; However, the sales of nylon FDY full dull silk 40d and 70D continue to be low due to the unsalable downstream full dull nylon spinning. In addition, 100d/36f, 140d/48f and 210d/3 forgings are usually irregular shape 6F nylon 6-F, and the latter stipulates that only "non combustible materials" can be used. Dy has a continuous good shipment volume, and the market price has not changed

from the downstream market, with the recent cold weather, the market demand for nylon series fabrics has also increased slightly. It is expected that in the future, with the strength of nylon series fabrics in the winter festival, the sales volume of some varieties is expected to make a further breakthrough, and the price will also increase to a certain extent. The overall market of nylon silk in Shengze market will also have an upward trend

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