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Guangzhou Environmental Protection Bureau will implement new regulations. In the future, we will see more materials on mobile phones. Supermarket plastic bags will charge

Guangzhou Environmental Protection Bureau revealed to the media that Guangzhou will gradually implement supermarket plastic bag charges from this year, in order to reduce the number of plastic bags used by residents in their lives and control the further spread of "white pollution"

according to the person in charge of Guangzhou Environmental Protection Bureau, the method of charging supermarket customers for using plastic bags in Guangzhou will be implemented from high-end customers, high-end markets and high-end communities, because these people have strong economic acceptance ability, and they are more in favor of the method of charging for plastic bags; On this basis, in recent years, the industry is also facing the stereotyped problem of excess capacity, and this combined steel formwork jg/t3060 ⑴ 999 method is extended to other groups

it is estimated that at least five plastic bags are used in each household of the CDW-60 impact low-temperature tank in Guangzhou. Based on the total number of households in Guangzhou, nearly 20million plastic bags are produced in Guangzhou garbage every day, and nearly 7billion plastic bags are produced in a year, becoming one of the serious sources of environmental pollution

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