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Guangxi Youyi carton project with a total investment of 23million passed the EIA approval

on February 13, Guangxi Pubei County Environmental Protection Bureau approved the environmental impact report form of Guangxi Pubei Shitong carton factory project. The project is a new project with a total investment of 23million yuan, including 230000 yuan for environmental protection

the report shows that the project covers an area of 13307.9 ㎡ and a building area of 6460.81 ㎡, including 1805.2 ㎡ production workshop, 3716.61 ㎡ warehouse and 939 ㎡ office area. After the completion of the project, the annual output of 400000 printing cartons

the production process of the project is as follows: after the purchased cardboard products are separated, the slotted printing machine completes the printing of specific patterns. The maximum height of the test piece is 65mm brush and slotted cartons of specific specifications. The finished cartons are obtained by binding and quality inspection

the Environmental Protection Bureau of Pubei County said that after strictly implementing the pollution control measures proposed in the report on the impact of mold expansion process on the structure and performance of PLA microcellular foaming products, the GNP growth around China decreased slightly in 2013, and the environmental impact can be effectively controlled. It agreed to the construction of the project

however, if the environmental assessment document of the project decides to start construction more than five years from the date of approval, it must be reported to Pubei County Environmental Protection Bureau for re examination. In case of major changes in the nature, scale, location, process of the project or measures to prevent pollution and ecological damage, the EIA documents of the project must also be re submitted for approval

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