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There is little room for price reduction, and the strict implementation of environmental protection bags depends on "wisdom"

June 1 is the third anniversary of the implementation of the plastic restriction order, but the survey found that most farmers' markets still use ultra-thin plastic bags. However, some of them have been well implemented. Yantai Huanhai Agricultural Trade City, Xingfu vegetable wholesale market and bonus market have taken root in the market through compulsory implementation. According to statistics, after the compulsory implementation of environmental protection bags, the use of plastic bags has been greatly reduced, and the three major farmers' markets can now use nearly 15million plastic bags less a year

environmental protection bags are expensive, so the stall owners are reluctant to give more, and the amount of plastic bags is greatly reduced.

at 9 a.m. on the 31st, people came and went in front of the seafood stall in Huanhai Agricultural Trade City, and the correction and leveling of the stall ⑨ platform, the owners were busy shouting, counting money and weighing. An extruder enterprise's order will be greatly recovered. The citizen said three crabs. He was afraid that the plastic bag was weak and leaking, so he asked the stall owner to put more on it. These plastic bags are specially thickened. Just cover one. Mr. Yu, the stall owner, said that he bought several specifications of plastic bags, including thick ones for crabs and thin ones for fish. Thick plastic bags are a little expensive. They cost 30 or 40 cents each. He can't bear to give more. 5. Main development trends of the industry

see, these plastic bags are printed with the words of Huanhai agricultural trade city. Mr. Yu said that these plastic bags were forcibly implemented by the market organizers. All households with long-term and long-term difficulties must use environmentally friendly plastic bags. Although they are much more expensive than the previous ultra-thin bags, they are indeed much less used after the implementation

it is understood that Yantai Huanhai Agricultural Trade City, Xingfu vegetable wholesale market and bonus market have all enforced the use of biodegradable environmental protection plastic bags. In addition, Xingfu River farmers' market is also planning to try to enforce it. According to the statistics of the organizers of the first three farmers' markets, based on the 50 plastic bags used by each household every day, Huanhai farmers' trade city used at least 16million plastic bags every year before the implementation of the plastic restriction order. Now it only uses 5.3 million plastic bags a year, with 8.7 million less each year. The bonus market uses more than 4 million less each year, and the happy vegetable wholesale market uses more than 2 million less each year

it's good to use environmental protection bags, but the price is still the knot of many stall owners

unlike supermarkets, it's difficult for stall owners to ask for a dime or two of plastic bags when citizens buy vegetables, so the cost of plastic bags can only be paid by merchants. And after several markets enforced the implementation of environmental protection bags, the business households also reacted differently

Ding Yucui runs a meat restaurant in booth 86 of Huanhai Agricultural Trade City, which is exclusively for big hotels such as Dongshan Hotel. She has been using environmental protection bags for two years. However, when the market organizers first introduced environmental protection bags, Ding Yucui resolutely did not use them because the price was twice as expensive as ultra-thin plastic bags. However, after trying to use it for a month, Ding Yucui used it

Ding Yucui said that environmentally friendly plastic bags are strong and convenient for loading and transportation. The visit found that many stall owners of meat stalls and seafood stalls were very satisfied because the environmental protection bags did not leak the bottom and the quantity was sufficient

however, the stall owners of vegetable and fruit stalls have different views. They think that environmentally friendly plastic bags are too expensive. A stall owner who sells vegetables in the bonus market said: a turnip only sells for sevenoreight cents, and the profit is less than ten cents, so we have to pay five cents for environmental protection plastic bags. The cheapest ultra-thin plastic bag used to be used was only 2 cents

there is not much room for price reduction. We have to rely on wisdom to strictly implement environmental protection bags.

can environmental protection bags be cheaper? Mr. Li, general manager of a plastic factory in Yantai, thinks it is difficult. Environmental protection bags have passed the national QS certification. They use pure raw materials and cost 13 yuan per kilogram; And the ultra-thin plastic bag can use foreign garbage raw materials, as long as 6 yuan per kilogram. In addition, the thickness of environmental protection bags is more than 0.025mm, so although it looks expensive, the profit margin is not large

after the formal implementation of the plastic restriction order on June 1, 2008, Huanhai Agricultural Trade City, the largest aquatic products distribution center in Yantai, began to enforce the use of biodegradable environmental protection plastic bags. According to reports, before the implementation, due to the littering of too many plastic bags, the sewers in Huanhai agricultural trade city were often blocked, and sanitation workers could sweep out several carts of plastic bags every day to sell money

at the beginning, Huanhai agricultural trade city allowed seven stalls to sell environmental friendly plastic bags, but due to the high price, these stalls often secretly sold ultra-thin plastic bags for soliciting customers. The market management has investigated and dealt with this phenomenon for many times, but it is still unable to eradicate this phenomenon. Later, the market finally cut off the supply source of ultra-thin plastic bags through the direct supply of manufacturers. Mr. Xu, general manager of Huanhai Agricultural Trade City, said that in 2009, after bidding, Huanhai agricultural trade city selected a plastic factory in Yantai as the designated supplier, and informed the business owners that they must use the plastic bags produced by the factory

at the beginning of the dividend market, five stalls were allowed to sell environmentally friendly plastic bags, but they also encountered a similar situation. Wang Xiaojing, the general manager of the market, said that they had to designate a plastic bag sales point in the end, and then conduct irregular inspections, which slowly allowed environmental protection plastic bags to take root in the market

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