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Causes and preventive measures of electric shock accidents

(1) when erecting a pole, because the pole is close to the power line, the pole loses control during the process of erecting the pole. Touching the power will only roll up the recording paper or discharge the high-voltage line when necessary, resulting in electric shock, which is easy to cause electric shock to many people

(2) during line construction, the steel strand touches the power line when paying off or tightening the line, because there are many constructors, it is also easy to cause electric shock to many people

(3) during the construction or maintenance of the line in thunderstorm days, the line was struck by lightning or induced electricity, resulting in electric shock

(4) when working near high-voltage lines, electric shock is caused by high-voltage discharge or induced voltage

(5) construction and maintenance personnel were electrocuted when the power line was broken and connected to the communication line. If the power line breaks and falls on the ground, the existence of step voltage will also cause electric shock to construction and maintenance personnel

(6) if the power line contacts trees or other conductors, the trees or other conductors will be electrified, and the lineman touches trees or other electrified bodies, resulting in indirect electric shock, and even secondary accidents

(7) when working near low-voltage (380/220V) electrical lines (including tram feeder lines), people or tools touch the electrical lines by mistake

(8) the low-voltage electrical lines and wires are broken and fall into the pond, and the lineman may also cause electric shock when he works in the water

(9) electric shock may also occur when line operators use hand-held electric tools or electric mechanical equipment, portable lights, electric water pumps, hoists, mixers and other equipment for leakage

2. measures to prevent electric shock:

(1) educate employees to understand and master basic knowledge about safe use of electricity, such as electrical performance, lightning knowledge, high voltage discharge, step voltage, etc., be able to properly deal with specific problems encountered in construction, and master the ability of self-protection

(2) increase safety awareness, overcome paralysis and abide by operating procedures. Before operation, observe the surrounding environment, verify whether there are live conductors, ensure a safe distance, install leakage protection devices on electrical appliances, and often check. Green packaging is the general trend of the development of the world packaging industry to ensure its good safety performance. The development of Mai polymer project is the existing project of SGL Group in leading cluster Mai carbon. Line operators should use electric shock warning devices, double insulation or hand-held electric tools with safe voltage. Communication line and electric power (4) spring testing machine is connected by electromechanical and reducer. The cam drives the connecting rod to do reciprocating motion. Three wire cross protection tube should be installed at the intersection of radio and television lines

(3) line construction and maintenance personnel should correctly wear and use safety helmets, insulating gloves, insulating shoes, test pens, insulating ladders and other labor protection articles

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