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Causes and preventive measures of mechanical and electrical equipment accidents in coal mines

1.1 the quality of mechanical and electrical operators is uneven and their safety awareness is weak

according to statistics, among the 10 parties involved in electromechanical equipment accidents, 40% had primary school education and 40% had junior high school education. Mechanical and electrical operators have poor cultural foundation and weak safety awareness, so they cannot meet the requirements of safe operation procedures in the process of operation. Special operation personnel are not proficient in special operation technology. In addition, special operation personnel frequently adjust their posts, but how to check them? Generally, most of them are caused by improper use and incorrect installation methods, which also pose hidden dangers to safety. Illegal command and operation occur from time to time. Improving the safety skills of employees, especially the consciousness of consciously abiding by regulations and disciplines, has a long way to go and is particularly urgent

1.2 insufficient safety investment, outdated equipment and deep mining bring certain difficulties to electromechanical management

due to historical reasons, many coal mine production equipment has basically no new investment since the 1990s, and the equipment is old. A large number of equipment exceeding the service life are still in extended use, and equipment that cannot meet the standard requirements of the coal mine safety code still exists, and it is difficult to solve it within a certain period of time. The aging of underground electromechanical equipment can not guarantee the timely renewal of equipment and necessary safety investment, which is an important reason for electromechanical accidents. Many coal mines cannot guarantee the necessary safety investment and transformation, and many equipment are out of service and operate with diseases. They only rely on repair and strengthening the supervision of operation conditions to maintain, which will inevitably lead to frequent electromechanical accidents

with the deep mining of the mine, the vertical depth of the mine is generally 600 ~ 800m, and some have reached 1000. At present, carbon fiber is mainly used as brake pad material in F1 racing cars, which is more than M. multi-level lifting and relay drainage have caused the phenomenon of lengthening the power supply line, increasing the load and complex networks. The continuous increase of ground temperature and pressure in deep mining has caused serious floor heave deformation in roadways, pump rooms, substations and other places, resulting in the extrusion of pipelines and cables, which have brought certain difficulties to electromechanical management. If management is not strengthened, technical transformation is not carried out, and safety investment is not increased, it may lead to major accidents

1.3 equipment preventive maintenance and maintenance are not in place

mechanical and electrical equipment will be damaged by long-term operation and employees' mistakes in the operation of mechanical and electrical equipment, which requires that the equipment maintenance must be serious, meticulous and comprehensive. The current strength of maintenance personnel is insufficient. In addition, the overall quality of maintenance personnel is poor, the equipment is obsolete, and the maintenance workload is heavy, so the inspection and maintenance of equipment can only be what is bad, and the annual inspection and monthly inspection work is difficult to carry out. There is a negative consciousness of "as long as the equipment doesn't go wrong within eight hours". Shift after shift, the abnormal vibration, sound, smell, etc. in the operation of the equipment are not carefully observed. After simple treatment, the equipment operates with faults, resulting in some small problems turning into major problems, or problems that can be solved by replacing a nut. Finally, a motor has to be replaced, resulting in economic losses and electromechanical accidents. According to statistics, about 75% - 80% of electromechanical equipment accidents are caused by non-standard operation and inadequate maintenance

1.4 mechanical and electrical equipment in coal mines has not been tested and tested in accordance with national regulations

the testing and testing of mechanical and electrical equipment in coal mines is a new work. Although the state has issued some safety testing and testing standards, some coal mining enterprises still stay in the previous concept because the safety managers think that mechanical and electrical equipment has not been tested and tested before, and they are also in production, so they do not pay enough attention to the testing and testing of mechanical and electrical equipment. Without qualified intermediary agencies to detect and inspect electromechanical equipment with advanced scientific instruments, only relying on the eyes of enterprise safety managers and maintenance personnel to judge the problems of electromechanical equipment can only solve the symptoms rather than the root cause

2. Preventive measures for mechanical and electrical equipment accidents in coal mine production

2.1 strengthen safety education and training

coal mine safety is a systematic project. Whether managers, workers, or safety officers, they should do a good job in safety work from a political perspective, ensure the safety of coal mine workers' lives and national property, and do everything possible to reverse the passive situation of coal mine safety production. To strengthen the safety technology training of employees and improve the safety technology quality of employees, mainly from the following aspects:

(1) strengthen the safety technology training of employees

after reducing personnel and improving efficiency, people should be determined by their posts, and new countermeasures should be taken according to new forms: ① establish a competitive mechanism. For example, competitive employment is adopted for technical types of work and management personnel, post skill wages are adopted for all employees, salary grades are divided, and employees are guided to spontaneously learn safety business knowledge; ② All kinds of mechanical and electrical operators shall receive technical training before taking up their posts, pass the examination (including on-site operation), and be issued with certificates. Everyone takes up their posts with certificates and operates according to regulations. It is strictly forbidden to take up their posts without certificates. To achieve "three understandings" and "four abilities", that is, to understand the principle, structure and performance of equipment; Be able to use, maintain, check and troubleshoot. Mechanical and electrical equipment must not be overloaded: ③ organize workers to compete in technology at regular intervals, and give heavy rewards to the winners, so as to mobilize the enthusiasm of workers to learn technology and business, improve their professional and technical quality, and promote them to "do standard work and take standard posts" on their posts, and operate in accordance with the "safety regulations for media and mines"; Comprehensively improve the safety professional quality of employees. ④ The "Three Combinations" training method is adopted, that is, the combination of amateur training and off-duty training, mainly amateur training: the combination of full-time training and key training, mainly key training: the combination of internal training and external training, mainly internal training. Strengthen training for new workers, new positions and new technologies

(2 PolyOne's unique thermoplastic elastomer and colorant ensure that Filip 2 product materials can maintain bright colors and excellent quality even after children's outdoor sports and play tests) strengthen the employment system management of special types of work. The type of coal mine mechanical transportation work is highly technical, which should be undertaken by workers with correct ideas and comprehensive skills, and temporary workers should be used or not used as little as possible. Except for special circumstances, the personnel of special types of work cannot be changed by 300 mm at will. They should be strictly examined and issued certificates. The personnel of special types of work should be trained regularly to ensure that everyone works with certificates

(3) strengthen ideological education. Strengthen the guidance and education of employees through various ways, clarify the harmfulness of accidents, eliminate safety fluke psychology, and enhance safety awareness, which can be carried out from the following aspects:

① establish a typical accident case education exhibition room, open it to employees regularly, and educate employees with vivid cases

② educate employees to recognize the harm of "three violations" and strengthen their awareness of safety precautions by typical preaching

③ pay special attention to understand and master the ideological dynamics and physiological state of employees, and monitor them according to local conditions and different people, so as to prevent sudden accidents caused by unsafe psychological factors

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